Poet in Residency

One cannot find poets in residency in schools, libraries and literary seating

They phrase the cheers and long-drawn sigh in life and

They live in prisons, fields, factories, streets, markets and labour colonies

Poets are Vasco da Gama and Columbus where there is life even in nook and corner

If any one of you ask about me in Uppsala

You will know, this is the poet in residency in Uppsala

I must say: Anisur Rahman is not poet at all

Just an image of a bird in the storm

The bird finds its shelter in the palace at stormy night

The bird waits just for dawn, afterwards of the storm …

Anisur Rahman

Fotograf: Cato Lein.

Anisur Rahman (b. 1978) is a poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, journalist, literary critic and translator. He is a member of The Swedish Writers’ Union and Honourary Member of The Swedish PEN. He sits in the program and reference group for the Swedish Literature Centre in Uppsala (www.litteraturcentrum.se).



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